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Who We Are

At Subcool Mechanical Inc, our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients, providing exceptional value and expertise in mechanical solutions for the modular building industry.

Subcool Mechanical’s dedicated focus is mechanical scope in Canada's modular construction sector.

We deliver on our promises while demonstrating cooperation with all parties and respect for the surrounding communities and Indigenous heritage.

We are uniquely qualified and knowledgeable in designing and installing mechanical systems with all aspects of plumbing, gas- fitting, HVAC, refrigeration, and air conditioning, in a variety of conditions and remote Canadian locations.

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We are an Indigenous owned company, founded by Bill Luczkiw, whose background lies in refrigeration

Bill’s skill set, entrepreneurial drive and interest in the modular construction industry attracted partners and contacts who saw the value in expert mechanical solutions for the specialized, challenging nature of modulars. With much hard work, dedication, and a strong team, Subcool Mechanical has become a trusted name in the industry.

Why Choose Subcool?

Indigenous Owned

We passionately support Indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development.


Mechanical solutions for modular construction is our sole, expert focus.


Our team have extensive knowledge of multiple service requirements and innovative ideas.


We complete our projects on time and within budget.


Of paramount importance, at all times.

Customer Service

We operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Social Responsibility

As a certified Aboriginal business, we are deeply committed to supporting the communities where we work, and we recognize that hiring Indigenous talent is a crucial component

We provide meaningful employment opportunities to members of remote communities and offer training and mentorship to enable individuals to build careers in the mechanical and construction industries. We believe that by investing in local talent, we can help build a more skilled and diverse workforce, while also strengthening the social and economic fabric of the communities where we operate.

Building a workforce that reflects the diversity and unique perspectives of the communities we serve allows us to deliver more effective and culturally sensitive installations, while building long lasting relationships that benefit all parties involved. We listen to and learn from the voices of our Indigenous partners and collaborate to honor and preserve their traditions and ways of life.

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