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What We Do

As a leader in Canada’s permanent and industrial modular industry, Subcool Mechanical offers the following services for any modular project installation or service work for modular construction companies, general contractors, educational and healthcare institutions, and commercial and industrial businesses.

Subcool Mechanical Services

We are uniquely qualified and knowledgeable in designing and installing mechanical systems with all aspects of plumbing, gas- fitting, HVAC, refrigeration, and air conditioning, in a variety of conditions and remote locations.


Water supply, drainage systems and fixture installations.


Installation, repair, and maintenance of gas lines and equipment.


Temperature control, indoor air quality and ventilation.


Installation, repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

Air Conditioning

Commissioning, decommissioning, installation, repair and maintenance.

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Our skillset includes specialized expertise in designing and installing mechanical systems in remote locations, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and maintain these systems over time.

Subcool is well acquainted with the unique challenges and difficult conditions that remote locations present and we know how to maintain quality and safety while navigating them. Our pillars of Trust, Dedication, and Innovation enable us to adapt and work creatively to deliver high-quality results in even the most challenging environments.

As an Aboriginal business, we have a broad understanding of the cultural context in which we operate and consider this in all our remote projects.

We work effectively with Aboriginal communities while respecting local customs and traditions, and source local talent when possible to build sustainable relationships and promote economic development and empowerment.

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