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Our Team

At Subcool Mechanical Inc, our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients, providing exceptional value and expertise in mechanical solutions for modular building construction.

Bill Luczkiw


Bill has been active in the mechanical industry for over 25 years. He is a certified Refrigeration Air Conditioning Mechanic with a history of working on a wide range of mechanical equipment ranging from small commercial units to large industrial installations. Bill started Subcool Mechanical in 2015, originally as a service company, then evolved it into the full spectrum mechanical company it is today, with particular emphasis on modular, remote projects.

Gregg Walmsley


Gregg is a mechanical expert with over 14 years of industry experience spanning mechanical projects including high rise buildings, truck shop facilities, and industrial sites. He has held many roles ranging from estimation to management to consultancy and has been focused on modular construction since 2013. Gregg’s primary core values are safety, community involvement, and inclusivity. His wealth of knowledge is a strong asset but he is most known for his relationship building and collaboration, fostering a culture of trust and respect through his leadership.

Sandy Luczkiw

HSE Manager

Sandy is passionate about the Health and Safety industry and brings insight and dedication to her role. She manages Subcool Mechanical’s safety manuals and is responsible for all safety audits. She holds her National Health and Safety Administrator (NHSA) certification and helped Subcool Mechanical earn COR certification.

Jeremy Maw

Business Development Manager

A seasoned Business Development Manager in the modular industry, Jeremy brings experience and a proven track record of success in driving growth and expanding market share. With a keen understanding of the industry landscape, he identifies new business opportunities and develops innovative strategies to capitalize on them.

Lindsay Lambert

Office Manager

Since obtaining her Office Administration degree in 2005, Lindsay has applied her positive, hands-on approach to various management roles in different industries, each honing her skills and solidifying her reputation for being caring and meticulous. She is known for her exceptional attention to detail, organization, and natural inclination to help others, which, coupled with her optimistic “get it done” attitude, make her an invaluable asset to Subcool Mechanical.

Scotty Gerrie

Project Development Manager

Scotty is a skilled plumber/gasfitter with over 15 years of experience, ranging from commercial and industrial to oilfield installations. He has vast experience within the remote camp industry, including execution of installations, dismantles, shutdowns, winterizations, and maintenance. He brings to us a background in safety, possessing NCSO designation and he is competent with the development and implementation of safety documents and manuals. He also has experience performing audits, ranging from corporate level safety support to field HSE work on sites. He is proficient at performing the layout and design of plumbing systems, having worked on projects ranging from small to large scale installations with varying challenges.

Ryan Bradrick

Project Manager

Ryan has over 20 years of Project Management experience and retains both his PMP and PMC accreditation, as well as a Mechanical Design CET. Ryan’s experience includes 25 years of leadership and building teams. He is passionate about building businesses while finding opportunities for growth and expansion. Additionally, his 15 years of experience in business management, sales and marketing, make him widely skilled and knowledgeable, and a key member of our multifaceted team.

Jessica Crawford

Project Coordinator/ Administrator

Jessica’s diverse background in the fields of marketing, management, and administration bring a well rounded set of skills to the Subcool team. Anchored by a degree in Office Administration, she is a result oriented and self motivated individual who believes in creating an exceptional customer experience. Jessica is also a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in strategic marketing, brand management and communications. Another 15 years of experience in management within a variety of fields including mechanical, municipal government and non profit make Jessica’s strengths extensive.

Monty Gardiner

Project Manager

Monty has over 20 years of experience in the Alberta Pipe Trade industry, in a variety of environments. His skillset includes working in Mining, Oil & Gas, Institutional, Commercial and Residential settings, both with installation and maintenance. He is a Red Seal Plumber and holds his APM Certification, as well as having 12 years of experience in Construction Management in the field. His knowledge of so many different jobsites makes him uniquely qualified to identify challenges and solutions for our clients.

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