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Committed to Safety Excellence

Subcool Mechanical is absolutely committed to safety excellence. We have created and maintain a system that empowers our team to make the best safety decisions, every time.

Our safety system’s primary goal is to ensure everyone goes home in better condition than they arrived in.

We believe health and safety should improve daily life, give people a sense of being cared for, and establish a feeling of personal responsibility for one’s self and those around them.

We know that worker participation at all levels is crucial for an effective safety culture. Management makes health and safety affairs an integral part of operating requirements and provides a supportive work environment that is free from all recognized hazards while complying with site regulations, legislative requirements, and environmental standards

All employees and contractors work together to identify and control situations that could cause harm and integrate health and safety practices into their daily activities.

We all share the responsibility of working in a manner that protects ourselves, fellow employees, the public and the environment from harm. We achieve this through the use of established safe work practices, safe job procedures, job planning, meticulous hazard assessments, and being proactive to collaborate on every job site with a shared objective.

It is our objective to minimize our workers’ exposure to the risks and hazards associated with our operation and support them continuously.

Subcool Mechanical’s commitment to safety excellence includes the promotion and maintenance to the highest degree of physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of all employees.

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