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Social Responsibility

Environmental observance is an important factor in the mechanical industry, especially in remote mechanical installations, and it is one we take seriously.

Our mission to provide high quality mechanical installations while minimizing our impact on the environment requires commitment to several areas of focus, described below.

Green Materials

Subcool Mechanical uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible. This includes products such as low-VOC paints, recycled metal, and insulation made from recycled materials.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

We seek to minimize waste by using just-in-time delivery methods of materials, reducing excess packaging, recycling scrap metal and other materials, and re-using materials from job sites whenever possible. We salvage components from decommissioned installations and use electronic, paperless practices in the office.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

We endeavor to not only reduce our own carbon footprint but the carbon footprint of our clients. We use energy efficient equipment and vehicles, reduce energy consumption during the installation process, and encourage and guide our clients in implementing sustainable practices after the installation is complete.

Sustainable Practices

We strive to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, from office operations to the vehicle fleet to the job site. We utilize sustainable design principles in our project strategies, using highly efficient heating and cooling to reduce the energy consumption of our installations.

Compliance with Regulations

Our industry is governed by a range of environmental regulations, which we adhere to attentively, with respect to air and water pollution, hazardous waste disposal, and environmental impact assessments. As a company that operates in remote locations, we also follow additional regulations to protect habitats, endangered species and Indigenous lands.

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