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5-Storey Wood Framed Modular Building

Langley, B.C.

Subcool Mechanical Inc. had the unique opportunity to contribute to a groundbreaking project in Langley, BC – the first of its kind in Canada, a five-storey wood-framed modular building. As the trusted mechanical services partner, Subcool was tasked with the comprehensive mechanical installation for the project.

Our responsibilities spanned a broad range of mechanical services. From installing potable water systems, sanitary drainage, and weeping tile to gasfitting and HVAC interconnects, our team was integral to the project’s success.

Despite the project’s unique challenges, including a tight timeline and the innovative five-storey wood-framed design, the Subcool team demonstrated their adaptability, executing their tasks with precision and efficiency.

This project underscores our capability to deliver effective mechanical services under demanding conditions. It stands as a testament to our commitment to uphold our mission of delivering exceptional value and expertise to all our clients, reinforcing our position as a leader in mechanical services across Canada.


Permanent Modular Apartment Building

Strathmore, A.B.

Subcool Mechanical demonstrated its expertise and adaptability in a permanent modular apartment building project located in Strathmore, Alberta. The unique construction project involved placing modular buildings on a concrete foundation, which was carried out under a strict schedule.

As the go-to mechanical services partner, Subcool was entrusted with the full-scope mechanical installation of the project. Our tasks included plumbing, gas fitting, and HVAC services. The project required substantial site services work, an aspect of the project that Subcool efficiently navigated.

Despite the strict timeline and complex site conditions, the Subcool team demonstrated its resilience and proficiency in managing and delivering top-notch mechanical services. This project again highlights our ability to operate effectively under challenging conditions, reinforcing our mission to deliver exceptional value and expertise to our clients.


Wild Fire Relief Emergency Shelter

Fort McMurray, A.B.

One of our most challenging and rewarding projects to date was for a valued client, ATCO Structures and Logistics. Subcool was chosen to provide a complete, turnkey mechanical solution for a fire evacuee camp, a project that presented a unique set of challenges and an extremely tight timeline.

The project entailed the full scope of mechanical services including plumbing, gas fitting, and air conditioning. Despite the demanding conditions such as poor air quality and a phased opening – where residents were moving into the camp before construction was completed due to displacement by fires – the Subcool team met the challenge head on.

With dedication and precision, we executed the project within the given timeline and, importantly, with zero incidents. This project exemplifies Subcool’s commitment to safety, adaptability, and professional excellence even in the face of adversity.


Valemount Workforce Temporary Accommodations

Valemount, B.C.

Subcool Mechanical was proud to be awarded the mechanical installation for the Valemount Workforce Temporary Accommodations project. This extensive project allowed us to showcase our wide range of capabilities by providing turnkey mechanical services.

Our role in this project encompassed a comprehensive list of tasks, including Complexing as well as Site Services, such as forced potable water and sewer mains installations. The Subcool team was integral to the project’s success, managing all aspects of mechanical services with professional precision.

Despite the project’s complex nature and strict timeline, we completed it on time, within budget, and with no scope variations. Furthermore, we maintained our commitment to safety with zero incidents throughout the project’s duration. This project stands as a testament to Subcool’s ability to deliver exceptional value and expertise under demanding conditions, in alignment with our mission.


Dormitories at Northern BC Mine

Near Dease Lake

Subcool Mechanical Inc. took on the challenge of providing full mechanical installation services for two two-story dormitories at a remote mine site near Dease Lake, Northern BC. The project was carried out amidst unique challenges, including the remoteness of the location and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite these challenges, Subcool was successful in executing the complex task of connecting the dormitories with the site services, and ensuring the buildings were properly commissioned and chlorinated. All of this was accomplished while the rest of the lodge remained operational, making adherence to noise restriction protocols and water mitigation plans key to our successful execution.

Our team managed to complete the project on schedule, with zero incidents, reinforcing our reputation for delivering high-quality mechanical services under the most demanding conditions.

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